Senate & St. Peter On E-Cigarettes 25 Mar 14

A bill that would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and prohibit using them wherever regular cigarettes are banned is headed to the floor of the Minnesota Senate.  The legislation cleared the Senate Commerce committee Monday. No word yet on when the bill will be heard in the full Senate. In the House the proposed legislation doesn’t go as far. It would allow for restrictions in state-owned buildings and leave it to local governments to decide whether to go further.


The St. Peter City Council on Monday voted to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes within 10-feet of city-owned buildings. The new ordinance also regulates e-cigarettes with many of the same rules as traditional cigarettes in St. Peter. This comes after months of deliberation. The new rules for e-cigarettes will require St. Peter stores to obtain a cigarette license to sell the devices, and require that they are sold behind the counter. The ban does not apply to the city’s outdoor facilities, with the exception of the city swimming pool, and the decision on whether e-cigarette usage will be allowed indoors at St. Peter businesses will be left to the individual owners. Several other Minnesota cities have already banned e-cigarettes, including Mankato and Duluth.