Brown County Humane Society “Caged 4 Critters”, March 8 03 Mar 14

The Brown County Humane Society will be holding their annual “Caged 4 Critters” fundraising event on Saturday, March 8, from 9am-4pm.

Supporters and friends of the Brown County Humane Society are invited to come  to the Humane Society at 1301 South Valley Street in New Ulm and be a ‘Jail Bird’ to help raise funds for the shelter.  Volunteers will make telephone calls to family and friends to raise money to ‘get out of jail’. 100% of dollars raised during the event will go directly to assist the pets at the shelter. 

Please bring a cell phone to make your telephone calls. Pizza will be available over the lunch hour. 

For further information, call 359-2312 or Gerald at 507-276-5888.