Olivia Corn Monument Restoration 11 Feb 14

Residents of the Olivia area have been stockpiling their cardboard for the past few months in an effort to repair the community’s famous Corn Monument. At least $18,000 is needed to repair the giant ear of corn along Highway 212 in Olivia, with work mainly needed on the concrete base and the roof of the building on which the ear is mounted. Members of the Olivia Economic Development Agency have been collecting the cardboard collected by area residents, which is then sold to McLeod County to be recycled. About 80% of the revenue is going toward the repairs on the Corn Monument. About half of the funds needed for the restoration have now been collected since the initiative began in September. That also includes cash donations from some of the 13 seed companies located in the community. Olivia was officially proclaimed “The Seed Corn Capital of the World” by the Minnesota Senate in 2005.