Norwood Young America Day Today 17 Feb 14

It’s Norwood Young America Day today (MON) on KNUJ as our 2014 Town Days Tour continues. Jim Bartels is broadcasting from the Mid-Town Family Restaurant in Norwood Young America this morning as we celebrate the community. Jim’s guests will include new City Administrator Steve Helget, the Norwood Young America West Carver Lions Club’s LaVonne Kroells, and much more. We’ll also hear historical tidbits, business information, and good news on the community throughout the day. We’ll also be broadcasting from the 22nd annual Carver County Dairy Expo in Norwood Young America today. It takes place from 9am to 3pm at Central High School. A total of 34 towns are being featured during the KNUJ Town Days Tour this year, and there’s still around 10 to go. Coming up later this week we will highlight Hanska, Sanborn & Lamberton, Winthrop, and Morgan & Franklin. A full schedule of the 2014 Town Days stops, as well as interviews and pictures from each town, can be found HERE.