Multiple Charges Man Sentenced 05 Feb 14

A Mankato man who had been facing multiple charges after fleeing from a hospital he was a patient at was sentenced to 5 years of probation on Monday. 35-year-old Michael Lee Larson had active warrants out for his arrest when he ran out of the Mankato hospital last year wearing only a hospital gown and with IV needles still attached to his arms. He also grabbed a $500 Motorola radio from a staff member while fleeing the facility, and police found him a short time later in an alley behind a nearby restaurant with the radio still in his possession. He was charged with terroristic threats, intent to commit burglary, and simple robbery, and had been facing several other charges for other incidents as well. He pleaded guilty to terroristic threats, theft, and burglary on Monday. A 15-month prison sentence was stayed for the 5 years of his probation, and he will also spend an additional 48 days in jail and do community service work.