Mr. Waseca Pageant Coming Soon 04 Feb 14

The organizers of the Waseca Sleigh and Cutter Festival decided to try something different than a traditional beauty pageant this year, so they came up with the Mr. Waseca Pageant. The pageant will be a lot like the ones females go through, including formal wear, fitness and talent competitions and onstage questions. Miss Waseca County Sleigh and Cutter Katie Schroeder,  and Miss Waseca County Sleigh and Cutter Outstanding Teen Sadie Oderbrett came up with the idea. Shining a light on the rigors of competitive pageantry was part of the reasoning behind creating the new event, but Schroeder says the main goal is to put on a fun event during the community’s signature annual event. They also hope it will help them raise money for charity. The Sleigh and Cutter Festival has events throughout the month in Waseca, with the Mr. Waseca Pageant happening February 22nd.