Green Isle Car & Train Collision 13 Feb 14

A car collided with a train Wednesday morning in Green Isle. Sibley County authorities say that 33-year-old Christopher Fahey of Belle Plaine was driving a Chevy Impala west on Parnell Street in Green Isle and was near the intersection with Railroad Street when the collision occurred at just before 8am. Fahey’s vehicle had apparently failed to stop at the train tracks, and went into pile of snow before colliding with the Twin Cities & Western Railroad train. No one was injured in the collision.

  • The_dude

    Not sure what is wrong with journalism today, but this story has all sorts of holes in it. First is Mr Fahey really 33? I doubt it. Reason being, Mr Fahey and I are partners and even though he is a spring chicken in romantic settings, he is 40 (or that is what he told me last night).
    Secondly, vehicles just don’t fail to stop on their own, especially Chevy impalas.
    Third, Mr Fahey has IBS.
    And finally, Mr Fahey was injured. Even though he is one of finest examples of a human specimen with his ripped abs and massive biceps, his pride was damaged in this accident.
    Do some fact checks SAM next time you decide to throw some words together.

  • voobah

    Perhaps you should tell Mr. Fahey to give his first-hand account in this Comments section.