Target Talks Source Of Data Breach 30 Jan 14

The credit and debit card data breach at Target was the result of a vendor’s credentials being stolen electronically.  Target officials made the revelation on Wednesday, but have not identified the vendor or what credentials were involved due to the ongoing investigation.  As many as 110-million people were impacted by the data breach. Target does say that since the data theft was confirmed on December 15th, it has taken extra precautions such as limiting or updating access to some platforms. Last week, some card numbers of Target customers turned up in the arrest of a pair of Mexican citizens at the US-Mexico border. But experts believe the attack’s original perpetrators will be difficult to locate.


US Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department is committed to tracking down the thieves who stole information from millions of Target customers over the holiday season. Holder said Wednesday that the government also will hunt down any people and groups that exploit the stolen data through credit card fraud. Hackers stole about 40-million debit and credit card numbers in the pre-Christmas data heist. They also took personal information – including email addresses, phone numbers, names and home addresses – of another 70-million people. Target says it is working with the Secret Service and the Justice Department in response to the data breach.