Sleepy Eye Man Faces Drug Crime 03 Jan 14

A 24-year-old Sleepy Eye man is facing a felony drug charge in Brown County Court after getting caught with methamphetamine. Alex Michael Wellmann-Martinez made his first appearance in court this week on the 5th-degree possession charge. He also faces lesser charges. He was arrested at the Taco John’s in New Ulm Sunday afternoon after police were called regarding a suspicious person with a knife or letter opener. While at the restaurant, officers reportedly spotted a bag of marijuana near Wellmann-Martinez, and several small knives and a machete were apparently lying in a nearby booth. When he was searched, police also reportedly found a small baggie of meth and an not-yet identified white crystalline substance, along with a pipe, a small spoon and a syringe. Wellmann-Martinez remains in custody in the Brown County Jail with bail set at $15,000.