Remember Your Winter Survival Kit 06 Jan 14

If you do have to travel today (MON), be sure to bring along a winter survival kit. Red Cross Spokesperson Jason Viena says that there are several items you should include in the kit in addition to water and high protein snacks, such as a cell phone car charger, blankets, extra hats, gloves & scarves, a shovel, and some sand or cat litter. Viena also says to make sure your car is in good working order, including by having a good battery, plenty of air in the tires and of course plenty of gas. Minnesota is in the grip of the coldest weather the state has seen in nearly two decades. The air temperatures in most locations in the state are expected to be at 15 to 20-below zero for highs today, with windchill readings anywhere from minus-40 to 55-below-zero.