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– The school district in Redwood Falls is called Redwood Valley. Their mascot is the Cardinal.

– Redwood Falls has a thriving manufacturing sector. Some of their businesses involved in this industry include: John Day Manufacturing, Warrior Manufacturing, RVI Inc. which makes computer components, and Schult Homes, which makes manufactured homes.

– The Redwood Area Hospital in Redwood Falls is a major employer in the area.

– The agricultural nature of the Redwood Falls area is reflected in Central Bi-Products, an animal feed rendering plant.

– Jackpot Junction Hotel and Casino employs numerous people from Redwood Falls. It is located only 4 miles east of Redwood Falls.


Festivals & Events

– The Redwood County Fair is held in Redwood Falls every year.

– Redwood Falls holds an arts and crafts festival every year called the Old Fashioned Fall Festival. It is held the 4th Saturday in September.

– Redwood falls celebrates “Christmas By Candlelight” on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

– There are city-wide garage sales twice a year in Redwood Falls.

– Redwood Falls typically holds a Business Expo during the month of February, and a Home Show every spring.



– The City of Redwood falls has a population of approximately 5,500 people. The Mayor is Corey Theis. He was sworn in on December 24, 2013 following the death of Mayor Gary Revier. He will serve the remainder of Revier’s term.

– The Ramsey Falls scenic overlook in Redwood falls got its first makeover in over 30 years in 2010. The work on the concrete overlook and parking area cost around $198,000, with a DNR grant covering 75% of the project and Redwood Falls covering the rest. The city received a $232,000 state Legacy grant in 2012 as well for the continued renovation of the Falls area and the nearby zoo.

– The Redwood Area School District dedicated a new Score-Video Board and Sound System during the annual HomeTown Basketball Tournament in 2013. Twenty-four Redwood area businesses and individuals provided significant funding for the system.

– The 16th Annual Redwood Area Chamber and Tourism Annual Meeting took place in February of 2013, and the chamber’s annual awards were given out. Presented the Redwood Chamber’s Rising Star Award was Sarah Kuglin of Redwood Valley Technical Solutions. The Shining Star Award was given to Robin Stegner and Scott Larson of Larson’s Home Furnishings. Receiving the Hidden Gem Award was Tony Miller from Redwood Valley High School and Miller Photography, and the Redwood Area Chamber of Commerce Star Ag Producer was Bruce Tiffany of Tiffany Farms.

– The Redwood Area Hospital got a new CEO in June of 2013. Bryan Lydick came to Redwood from Indian River, Michigan, where he spent 13 years with Mercy Hospital Cadillac and Mercy Hospital Grayling in northern Michigan, most recently as Chief Business Development Officer.

– The restoration of the nearly-75-year-old swayback bridge in Redwood Falls got underway in August of 2013. Redwood County began the $670,000 project to refurbish the bridge, with a portion of the funds coming from the Minnesota Historical Society. One of the requirements was that the bridge be restored as closely to its original 1939 condition as possible.

– Redwood Valley High School crowned Homecoming Royalty in September of 2013. Named Homecoming King was Cole Gewerth, and crowned Homecoming Queen was Kendra Goblirsch. 

– The Minnesota Inventors Congress announced in October of 2013 that the annual Invention and Idea Show was moving from its more-than 50-year-old home in Redwood Falls to a location in the Twin Cities in 2014. Exhibitor demand for an urban event was reportedly “persistent and strong.” 



– The City of Redwood Falls was founded in the year 1864 by Colonel Samuel McPhale and OC Martin.

– Redwood Falls is the county seat of Redwood County.

– Redwood Falls is located on the south side of the Minnesota River. The Redwood River runs through town, as well as Ramsey Creek.

– Redwood falls began as a fort shortly after the Sioux Uprising in 1862. It was originally called “Redwood Stockade.”

– The 1862 Sioux Uprising began just outside Redwood Falls in Birch Coulee.

– North Redwood, which was incorporated into the City of Redwood Falls, used to be called “Riverside.” It was a big steamboat landing in the late 1800′s, and it was from there that the Sears Catalog business was started in 1888 by Richard W. Sears. The 1st things sold through Sears were watches, via the railroad.

–The Carnegie Library in redwood falls was built in 1904.

– The elimination of capital punishment began in Redwood Falls with the hanging of William Rose. The rope broke during Rose’s hanging, and he had to be strung up again.

– The largest municipal park in the State of Minnesota is in Redwood Falls. Ramsey Park was designated as a state park in 1911, and the city purchased it for 1 dollar in 1956. It encompasses 217 acres, and includes a zoo. There are many 1930′s WPA buildings still standing and in use in the park. The falls in the park are beautiful at any time of the year.

– Some famous people from Redwood Falls include: Richard W. Sears, the founder of Sears; Aubrey Durlam, the Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives for 27 years; and Charles Duncan Gilfillan, who owned an entire block in Saint Paul and sold that city its water system, which is still in use to this day.