New Ulm Man Charged With Burglary 25 Jan 14

A 20-year-old New Ulm man is in custody for a string of thefts and burglaries in rural Nicollet County near New Ulm this month. Cody Lee Stark has been charged with 2nd-degree burglary, two counts of theft and two counts of attempted theft for 5 incidents that occurred in Lafayette and Brighton Townships. Stark is the suspect in the theft of electronics from the home of his mother and in the theft of gasoline from his grandparents. He was arrested for the crimes earlier this week near the rural residence of another family member where he was believed to be preparing to steal more gasoline. Nicollet County authorities say more arrests have been made and more stolen property has been recovered from further investigation of thefts and burglaries in neighboring jurisdictions as well.

  • Mike smith

    What a douche to steal from your own family.

  • Jess Carson

    Mike Smith I think that is totally uncalled for! Obsessively you do not know the facts. I happen to be Cody’s aunt and some of this story is not true. First off he did not steal from his grandparents. His mother’s husband’s parents are not Cody’s grandparents and he has not be charged with anything thus far. Second of all if you read it states ” where he was “believed” to be preparing to steal more gasoline.” “BELIEVED to be preparing”, that is not proof and only an assumption! Cody has not been charged with anything yet! I think calling someone a douche on a public site is harsh! Cody does have family that go on this site. Have a little respect will you! I hope that you are perfect and never have to go through anything that will put you or your family in the public eye! I guess Cody needs some help…Lets hope he gets that. YOU DO NOT KNOW HIS HISTORY!!

  • annonymous

    a person should know all the facts before they judge. Way to go !

  • Charlie Northfarm

    So why is he in jail? Duh

  • The aunt that cares

    Why don’t you read my comment Charlie! I am defending my nephew for the simple fact that he does not need to be called names on a public website. Also some of the facts in this article are not right. I NEVER SAID THEY HAD HIM IN JAIL FOR NO REASON!

  • upset

    they never get the facts straight on here! they also did this to my brother, they just juice it up to make it sound n look good but all it does is prove that the media lies n so do cops!

  • Auntie that cares

    Just a quick update to you Mike Smith and to you Charlie Northfarm~ Cody Stark was “RELEASED” form the Nicollet County Jail today because they had found the stolen property else where and the judge released him! Meaning Cody was released because he is not guilty of this crime! WAY TO GO! I hope you feel really good about your posts!!!! DUH!!!!!

  • Charlie Northfarm

    Yeah now he’s in Brown county…. Duh

  • auntie that cares

    For a probation violation.. Not for what your were acting all smart about. Are you stalking him or what? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? You can quit at anytime now.

  • Justin

    He’s a meth head let him rot in jail.

  • Mike smith

    He’s still trouble.