Local Schools Snow Day Makeups 30 Jan 14

Students across the local area have missed several days of school this winter, with the weather causing late starts and cancellations on numerous occasions, but some school districts are now planning on making those days up. A certain number of Snow Days are built into every district’s calendar. In New Ulm, District 88 Superintendent Jeff Bertrang says that public school kids will not have to make up any days, at this point, but any other missed days will need to be made up. Elsewhere around the area, Sleepy Eye Public Schools added February 17th and April 17th back onto the calendar as school days to make up for weather-related cancellations. The St. Peter School District will now have 4 extra school days as well, and the GFW School Board voted this week to add March 24th to the calendar as a school day if there is another school closure in the next month. Any closure for GFW after March 1st will mean that students will attend school on May 30th.