Governor’s Trip Broke The Law 17 Jan 14

The Minnesota legislative auditor says that a campaign trip by Governor Dayton in October of 2012 broke the law. In a report released Thursday, the auditor noted using the state plane for a trip to Bemidji and International Falls with a campaign staffer was a violation of both state law and Minnesota Department of Transportation policy. It is against the law for a campaign worker to be on the state airplane if that person is not traveling with the governor on official state business. Dayton’s office says that the violation was an error, and will not happen again. The legislative auditor report also found that state law has no consistent standard for whether the governor should be able to use a state airplane to travel to political events. Dayton’s re-election campaign has reimbursed the state for such travel, even though state law doesn’t require such a reimbursement. The report recommends that lawmakers clear up the issue.