Former Mankato Cop DWI Charges 18 Jan 14

Charges have been filed against a former Mankato police officer accused of driving under the influence. Daniel Padilla was pulled over while off-duty at around 4:20 in the morning on November 25th. Authorities say that Padilla almost hit two parked cars that morning, and failed to stop at a stop sign. When he was pulled over, he allegedly became angry with the officer, and after his car was turned off and he attempted to take his keys back he allegedly tried to flee on foot, but was caught about 50 feet down the alley. He was processed for DWI and reportedly had a blood-alcohol concentration of .2%. He was placed on a paid leave after that, and the St. Peter City Attorney was given the case to avoid a conflict of interest. Padilla served as a Mankato police officer for 20 years prior to resigning last month. Now he is facing multiple DWI charges, as well as fleeing an officer on foot, and obstructing the legal process. His first court appearance is scheduled for February 20th.