Fairmont Arsonist Sentenced 22 Jan 14

A 21-year-old Fairmont man who pleaded guilty to 1st-degree arson for starting a fire in the gym of the Lincoln School in Fairmont was sentenced to up to 20 years of probation in court on Tuesday.  Timothy Jude Brickner had avoided a jury trial with the plea deal for the April 2012 incident which caused the evacuation of the school after he set some stage curtains on fire. No one was injured. Brickner was also later charged with making terroristic threats on Facebook towards a Fairmont police officer investigating the fire. He will serve 5 concurrent years of probation for that crime, and the length of the 20-year probation sentence depends on how well he follows the conditions of probation. They include staying off of Fairmont Area Schools property, having no contact with the officer he threatened or his family, and no social media websites for one year. Brickner is also facing a felony criminal damage to property charge for an incident while he in the Martin County Jail, and will be back in court February 10th.