Walz On Renewable Fuel Standards 18 Dec 13

Southern Minnesota Congressman Tim Walz met with ag officials and local farmers at the POET biorefining plant in Lake Crystal on Monday to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to change the nation’s renewable fuel standards. While there, Walz said “The purpose in being here again as they look at the RFS standards for us, for you, the experts in this, the folks in Southern Minnesota, is to articulate, why do you set the goal posts for us when we’re meeting it. We’re creating jobs, we’re getting off our dependence on foreign oil. We’re starting to turn that the right way. Now in the middle of the game you’re going to change it and reduce those? That is unfair. It’s wrong.” The new proposal would reduce the conventional ethanol target by over a billion gallons. Farmers say the change would have adverse affects on producers as fuel companies no longer have to use a renewable source, such as ethanol. Proponents of the change say the number of motor vehicles using ethanol has not reached expectations. The EPA is expected to decide upon the new standards within around 60 days, following the public comment period.