Updates On Target Card Breach 26 Dec 13

The problems continue for Target. Not only have hackers compromised up to 40-million credit and debit cards, they’ve also reportedly stolen encrypted personal identification numbers from Target shoppers.  A Target spokesperson has confirmed that some encrypted data was stolen, but isn’t saying if that included PIN numbers.  A senior payments executive says one major bank fears the thieves will be able to make fraudulent withdrawals from customer bank accounts. Target is dealing with the fallout from the second-largest data breach in US retail history.  The US Department of Justice and the Secret Service are partnering with Target on the investigation. 


Security blogger Brian Krebs believes he has identified the person selling credit and debit card information from the security breach that hit Target.  On his website, the man who first broke the news of the breach identifies a Ukrainian man as the culprit, alleging Andrew Hodirevski is offering the card information for up to $100 each. Krebs does not tie Hodirevski to the security breach, but identified the man as a likely suspect through comments on Internet forums used by hackers.


More staffers are manning the phones for Target Corporation as the nation’s second-largest retailer continues to deal with the fallout from the massive data breach involving credit and debit cards. The call center will continue operating 24 hours a day, and Target officials say they are listening to customers about call center wait times, and won’t be satisfied until everyone’s needs are met. The card numbers and other information of millions of customers is at risk after the security breach that started November 27th and went into mid-December.