Update On Lucan Farmhouse Fire 07 Dec 13

The investigation into the cause of a fire at a farmhouse in rural Lucan on Wednesday continues, and the remains of 2 children have now been recovered from the home. The Thooft residence on 250th Street just east of Lucan was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived at around 2:30pm Wednesday, and has been declared a total loss. The home was being used as a daycare, and 2 adults and several children were able to escape without any injuries. The identities of the 2 children that were killed have not been released, but authorities say they were both under the age of 10. A total of 7 area fire departments helped battle the blaze, and Vesta Firefighter Neal Hansen was injured when he slipped on some ice and was run over by a tanker truck. He is still hospitalized in Mankato. The State Fire Marshal’s Office is handling the investigation into the cause of the fire.

  • A Close friend of the Thoofts’

    This house was NOT being used as a day care. It used to be a day care a couple of years ago. Please check your facts before printing your news. The children all belonged to Matt and Bernadette.