St. Peter Discusses E-Cigarette Ban 02 Dec 13

The City of St. Peter is looking at banning the use of electronic cigarettes in the near future – at city facilities at least. E-cigarettes usually resemble traditional cigarettes, but do not burn tobacco – emitting doses of vaporized nicotine instead. A proposal to ban the devices at city facilities was introduced to the St. Peter City Council on Wednesday by City Administrator Todd Prafke. This came after the devices were apparently mistaken for regular cigarettes by a city employee and people were stopped from smoking them. Following a discussion on the subject, including concerns of “Big Brother stepping into our lives,” the council decided to move forward with regulating the use of e-cigarettes in St. Peter city facilities. City officials will now amend city ordinances to implement the ban. Changes could be made in the future as well if the state decides to regulate e-cigarettes in some way.