Cougar Attack On New Ulm Horse 28 Dec 13

A New Ulm area woman was forced to euthanize her horse this week after the animal was seriously injured in what appeared to be a cougar attack. Sheryl Robinson had to put down her horse Mollee Thursday night following the apparent attack on Christmas Eve or early Christmas day. Robinson lives a mile east of New Ulm on Highway 68. The horse was reportedly sheltered in an enclosed paddock about 100 yards from Robinson’s house with another horse and a pony when the attack occurred. Mollee reportedly suffered serious injuries, with pieces of her hide ripped from her neck down her shoulder and left side. The other 2 animals were not hurt. A veterinarian and the Department of Natural Resources confirmed that it could have been a cougar. The animals typically roam for hundreds of miles, and there have been confirmed cougar sightings in the local area in the past. It is illegal to shoot a cougar, except to protect your personal safety. If you should encounter a cougar, face the animal directly, raise your arms to make yourself appear larger and speak loudly and firmly. You should also report the sighting to a conservation officer or local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible.