New Charge In Manslaughter Case 02 Dec 13

A 19-year-old Arlington woman facing a manslaughter charge for the accidental drowning of her infant son is scheduled to be in court for a custody hearing today (MON) concerning her other son.  The 8-month-old son of Christina DeLeon died after allegedly being left unattended in a bathtub while DeLeon was caring for her 18-month-old son. DeLeon has since reportedly undergone psychiatric evaluations and began court-ordered therapy in order to be granted visitation rights. Child protective services is asking the court that her parental rights be revoked completely. Another hearing is set for December 16th as well. DeLeon is facing three felony counts, including manslaughter, child neglect and a drug crime involving children after methamphetamine paraphernalia was allegedly found in her home. She is also now being charged with wrongfully obtaining public assistance for allegedly purchasing baby formula with a WIC voucher for the deceased infant. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.