Hutchinson Utility Truck Break-Ins 27 Dec 13

Police in Hutchinson are investigating the theft of thousands of dollars worth of tools from utility trucks owned by three local businesses. The first was a vehicle owned by Plumbing and Heating by Craig on Highway 7 in Hutchinson. Police say the locks were punched out in three storage compartments and numerous tools were taken, valued at an estimated $2,600. The second vehicle broken into was a van owned by Foster Mechanical. There the thieves took hand and power tools. A loss estimate is not available yet, but there was an estimated $500 in damage done to the van’s locks. The third vehicle hit by thieves in Hutchinson was a truck owned by Mediacom.  Police say the locks on that vehicle were drilled out, and nearly 50 tools worth over $2,600 were taken. The investigation into these crimes continues.