Guilty Plea In Willmar Murder Case 11 Dec 13

A 16-year-old Willmar boy pleaded guilty to murder Tuesday. Devon Jenkins pleaded guilty to one count of Unintentional 2nd-Degree Murder While Committing a Felony in connection with the death of 79-year-old Lila Warwick of Willmar in July. As part of the plea agreement, a charge of Intentional 2nd-Degree Murder was dismissed. Jenkins told the judge that Brok Junkermeier  had told him he planned to rob and kill Warwick, and wanted Jenkins to go in her house with him, but he refused. Junkermeier then allegedly went into the house while Jenkins stayed in the car. When Junkermeier returned he was reportedly covered with blood and they left the scene. Jenkins apologized in court, saying he was truly, deeply sorry for what happened. He will be sentenced January 27th. Junkermeier’s trial is set for March 25th, while co-defendent Robert Warwick has a court hearing December 20th.