Guilty Plea In Fairmont Arson Case 12 Dec 13

A 21-year-old Fairmont man has pleaded guilty to 1st-degree arson and other charges in order to avoid a trial set to begin this week. Timothy Jude Brickner was accused of starting a fire in the gym of the Lincoln School in Fairmont last year, and of later making terroristic threats towards a Fairmont Police Officer on Facebook. He was also charged with falsely reporting a crime after using a fake Facebook account to start a rumor on the murder of a homeless hitchhiker. No one was injured in the fire at the school, and Brickner pleaded guilty to 3 charges before his trial began Wednesday. He’s facing up to 20 years on probation for the crimes, and is scheduled to be sentenced on January 21st. If he violates his probation he could spend up to 4 years in prison.