Fireworks In 2014 New Ulm Budget 04 Dec 13

The New Ulm City Council reviewed the city’s preliminary budget and tax levy for 2014 on Tuesday, and allocated additional funds for several items, including a fireworks display for a fall festival. The proposed property tax levy for New Ulm next year is a 3% increase, with the city’s budget is set to increase by around 2.5%. But additional funds were available due to a less-than-expected increase in health insurance, so the $15,000 request for a fireworks display was approved. Councilor Les Schultz says the Hermann Monument Society wants to continue having a festival in September, with money raised from food vendors going towards making it self-sufficient within 5 years. Funding was restored to pre-recession levels for several city-sponsored organizations as well, including the New Ulm Battery, the Municipal Band, the Concord Singers, Bavarian Blast, and the Lind House, along with the New Ulm Retail Development Corporation. These changes will not affect the proposed tax levy for 2014. The New Ulm City Council will now hold another budget hearing next Tuesday to follow up on these changes before the final approval of the budget and tax levy.