Alleged Deer Baiter Sentenced 28 Dec 13

A Sleepy Eye man has reportedly been ordered to pay $1,500 in wildlife restitution after admitting to illegally baiting deer during the annual City of New Ulm Flandrau State Park Deer Hunt. 34-year-old James G. Osmonson pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor unlawful transportation of wild animals in Brown County Court for the incident, and 4 other charges were dismissed. In addition to the restitution, Osmonson will also be required to pay $900 in DNR fees, will be on probation for one year, and will be prohibited from obtaining a big game license for 3 years. He reportedly admitted to using bait during a hunt in which he killed 3 deer. The 100-pounds of venison obtained in that hunt was confiscated by the DNR.