St. Peter Buys 75 Acres Of Land 15 Nov 13

The City of St. Peter purchased a 75-acre parcel of crop land in a recent land auction, and the plan is to build an athletics complex and park on the site. The details have not been finalized, but development could begin as early as next spring.  The property is located along the Fort Road on the west edge of St. Peter near Gustavus Adolphus College. The city will pay $8,300 per-acre for the property, bringing the total price to just-under $623,000, plus closing costs. A rough plan for the property includes baseball and softball diamonds, soccer fields, outdoor and indoor hockey rinks, football fields, a disc golf area, tennis courts and a lacrosse field, as well as a trail system, a large picnic area, restrooms, a concession area, and setting aside 10-acres for future development.  The park will also likely be the site of a large stormwater basin. Additional planning will take place starting later this year.