Minnesota Snowfall Totals & Trivia 06 Nov 13

Most of the snow that fell last (TUE) night stayed on the expected track, from the southwest corner of the state, across the Twin Cities, and into northern Wisconsin. Snowfall amounts varied widely across the narrow band of snowfall, with Pipestone the hardest hit with 10 inches of snow. The Marshall area saw over 8 inches in some locations, Redwood Falls got around 4 inches, Sacred Heart saw 3 inches of snow fall, New Ulm got around 2-and-a-half inches, and most of the Twin Cities received just under 2 inches. In New Ulm this was the first measurable snow since May 2nd, when a half-inch fell. That means it was just-over 6-months since the last significant snowfall in New Ulm. The record for the shortest snow-free stint in Minnesota is 137 days, from May 25th to October 8th, 1925. The record for the state’s earliest snowfall is September 24th, 1985