Mental Exam For Willmar Murder 23 Nov 13

A judge has ordered a mental examination of the teen charged with killing a Willmar grandmother in her home by stabbing and strangling her. The order was made on Wednesday that 19-year-old Brok Junkermeier be examined by state human services officials. He has been charged with 1st-degree murder for the death of 79-year-old Lila Warwick this past July. 18-year-old Robert Warwick has also been indicted on a 1st-degree murder charge for the death of his grandmother. Authorities say that he was the mastermind of the crime, and was apparently motivated by a large amount of money he suspected was in his grandmother’s possession. The third teen charged in the case, 16-year-old Devon Jenkins of Willmar, faces two 2nd-degree murder charges. His adult certification hearing, to move his case from juvenile to adult court, is scheduled for December 10th.