McLeod County Hunters Rescued 16 Nov 13

Some nearby hunters are being credited for helping save 3 McLeod County men whose boat capsized while duck hunting Friday morning. The boat apparently capsized while the 3 were retrieving ducks, sending 2 of them into the water. The third man was able to hang onto the boat, which was about 200 yards from shore on Lake Washington in Meeker County southeast of Litchfield. The three hunters were identified as 26-year-old Jacob Schiller of Glencoe and 25-year-old Thomas Jansick and 27-year-old Tyler Duenow, both of Hutchinson. They reportedly called for help for several minutes before hunters 20-year-old Alex Mareness of Eagan and 19-year-old Dustin Lang of Hutchinson heard them and responded and helped them out of the cold water and safely ashore. The hunters were not hurt, but sustained around $3,800 in losses, both in personal items and in damage to their boat.