Marktplatz Mall Owner Theft Arrest 02 Nov 13

The owner of part of New Ulm’s Marktplatz Mall was arrested on Friday. Randy Danielson was taken into custody after failing to appear in court on a theft charge earlier in the week. Danielson is accused of taking a ladder and some scaffolding that had been left on “His” side of the wall marking the beginning of his property in the mall. He reportedly refused to return the property when confronted by police, and says that he has had thousands of dollars worth of tools and retail items taken from his side of the mall. He says he will lock up any materials left on his side. Danielson was released from jail Friday afternoon after posting bail, and a court date has not been set at this time.

  • DouglasC

    I am the managing partner of the north 2/3 of the mall. It is really a shame that Mr. Danielson would not simply give back the ladder and scaffolding, first when Mr. Jafvert asked for it back and then when the police ask for its return. Instead, he faced charges, had a court date set, failed to appear, and was arrested. He had to pay bail money and once again has been ordered to appear in court. Thanks to the New Ulm PD and city attorney for enforcing the law. Despite his attempt to blame others, sometimes in life we are just responsible for our own troubles and have no one else to blame.