Highway 14 Corridor Of Commerce 15 Nov 13

Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced Thursday that 10 highway construction projects will receive funding through the state’s new $300-million “Corridors of Commerce” program, including parts of Highway 14. The Highway 14 four-lane expansion from North Mankato to Nicollet and the bypass of Nicollet were selected, and were moved up the Mn/DOT schedule to the 2015-2016 construction season. Officals say that the 2.5-mile bypass of Nicollet will improve safety at two high-crash intersections, Highways 99 and 111. The 4-lane expansion of Highway 14 from Owatonna to Dodge Center was also picked as a Corridors of Commerce project. These Highway 14 projects were among more than 400 proposals representing more than 100 unique projects submitted to Mn/DOT.