County Board Contempt Hearing 16 Nov 13

The Blue Earth County Board has been ordered to appear in court next month for a contempt hearing after allegedly failing to abide by a judge’s order in a legal dispute between the board and the county’s assistant attorneys. County commissioners have reportedly been told that arrest warrants may be issued if they fail to appear. Martin County Judge Robert Walker  ruled in September that the board had failed to follow state law in setting salaries for county attorneys and had been underpaying them for several years. He gave the board 60 days to come up with a plan to correct the problem, which could possibly involve $200,000 or more in back pay for the attorneys. As of this week the board had reportedly still not set new salaries for the attorneys, and the judge was asked to find them out of compliance with his order. The board is apparently appealing Walker’s ruling, but the paperwork wasn’t properly filed in time. A contempt hearing is now set for December 18th.