Redwood Stealing Power Guilty Plea 23 Oct 13

A Redwood Falls man accused of stealing electricity pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft in Redwood County Court on Monday. 42-year-old Timothy Dean Wertish admitted that he stole around $22,000 worth of power from the Redwood Electric Cooperative at his residence over an 18-month period. Charges on the theft of power at his business, Redwood Auto Sales were dismissed as part of the plea agreement, although Wertish reportedly agreed to pay for the $7,500 worth of electricity stolen there. He will also serve 10 days in jail and 3 years of probation, as well as 180 hours of community service, and will cooperate in the prosecution of 65-year-old Terry Johnson of Springfield, who allegedly helped him reroute his wiring to avoid being metered. Johnson’s case is still pending. Prosecutors have also agreed to a continuance for dismissal in the case against Debra Wertish, who had been charged with aiding and abetting.