Gas Prices Drop Below $3 Mark 29 Oct 13

Gas prices continue to decline in our state, with some stations now even charging under $3 per-gallon. Triple-A Minnesota’s Gail Weinholzer says the statewide average is a little higher than that at $3.16 a gallon. She does not expect the average price to drop below $3 a gallon, either in Minnesota or nationwide, but says there will be pockets with low prices. Weinholzer says the falling prices are partially because refinery production has not been affected by hurricanes, and crude oil prices have been falling since Labor Day. In the local area, gas under $3 a gallon has been reported in Glencoe. The current average price-per-gallon in the City of New Ulm is $3.24. The national average is at $3.28 a gallon.