Career Criminal Gets Prison Time 11 Oct 13

A 37-year-old Minnesota man who has been arrested 44 times in 18 counties has been sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison for robbing a car and pet wash. Richard Donald Hegquist accepted a plea deal in the robbery case and was sentenced on Wednesday to 71 months. Had the case gone to a jury trial, prosecutors would have asked to have Hegquist tried as a career offender, which could have meant 40 years in prison. Hegquist has had 12 prior felony convictions and has been involved in 59 court cases. His first arrest came in 1996 for consuming alcohol at age 20. In his latest crime, Hegquist brandished a screwdriver and punched the owner of the car and pet wash in the mouth during the burglary. His local crimes include a DWI and theft conviction in Brown County, a criminal damage to property conviction in Cottonwood County, criminal damage to property and theft in Redwood County, and fleeing police and speeding in Scott County.