Tim Walz Talks Attack On Syria 07 Sep 13

Southern Minnesota Congressman Tim Walz was in St. Peter Friday to hear what area residents think about military strikes against Syria. Walz says the people he’s talked with are deeply concerned about Syria’s alleged chemical attacks on its own people, but have other concerns as well, such as if a unilateral bombing campaign from the United States is the appropriate response. Around 150 people were reportedly on hand for the “Congress On Your Corner” event in St. Peter on Friday, with no one advocating a military response. Walz says he also questions whether air strikes by the US will stop Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Congress will be voting on the issue as early as next week, and Minnesota’s congressional delegation is split over the issue. Democrats Al Franken and Keith Ellison say they’re likely to support a limited military response resolution, along with Republican John Kline. Republicans Michele Bachmann and Erik Paulsen, and Democrats Rick Nolan and Collin Peterson oppose any military action. Walz, along with Amy Klobuchar and Betty McCollum are reportedly still undecided. To let Congressman Walz know your opinion, go to his website, walz.house.gov and click on “Contact Tim.”