New Nicollet County Rescue Boat 07 Sep 13

The Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office is purchasing a new jet-propelled rescue boat thanks to a $35,000 federal grant. Officials say that the new kind of boat will hopefully make it easier for deputies to rescue those who capsize on the Minnesota River, or search for those who may have drowned. The new watercraft will also allow the Sheriff’s Office to put more men on the water during rescue missions for longer periods of time. The decision to expand the county’s water rescue fleet comes after a Minnesota River kayaker went overboard in late June, leading to a search that lasted nearly 2 months. A body still hasn’t been found. The new boat will make it easier to navigate the low-water levels typically found on the Minnesota River. It can reportedly operate in as little as 4-inches of water, and produces very little wake. It’s expected to arrive in Nicollet County in late October or early November.