Minnesota Online Suggestion Box 03 Sep 13

Governor Dayton recently implemented an “Online Suggestion Box” idea in the hopes of making state government work better, faster or simpler, and the idea has already yielded well over a hundred suggestions. Dayton says he will turn the best suggestion box ideas into an “Unsession” of the Legislature next year as a way to undo unnecessary laws, rules and regulations. Some of the suggestions included recommendations as simple as turning off the lights in vacant state offices and repealing unpopular taxes, while others were for ideas such as a state “Bake Sale” fundraiser with activities such as politician dunk tanks and other competitions. Another suggestion was for the entire state government, including every member of the Legislature, to resign and not run again for at least 6 years to allow new people with new ideas a chance to govern. “Unsession” suggestions will continue to be taken online through September 12th on the website mn.gov/governor/unsession.