Local Emergency Preparedness Drills 13 Sep 13

September is National Preparedness Month, and Nicollet County officials are holding a full-scale emergency preparedness exercise this Saturday. It’s taking place in Bernadotte Township, and will involve Nicollet County Emergency Management, the Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office, fire departments from Lafayette, Nicollet, Courtland, North Mankato, and St. Peter, and Alliance Pipeline. The exercise will reportedly test the capability of these agencies by placing them in a mock incident that threatens the health and safety of area residents and requires them to work together to better prepare for a real emergency. Residents living within a two-mile radius of the exercise will receive a call from Nicollet County’s new Emergency Notification system prior to it taking place, and are asked to not be alarmed by emergency responders carrying out their duties.


The National Guard and area law enforcement and rescue crews will be holding a major mock disaster training exercise in downtown Mankato on Sunday. Around 100 students from MSU-Mankato will also be taking part in the exercise, which will simulate a large street fight with up to 40 victims suffering multiple injuries. Some of the victims will also suffer simulated injuries from a chemical release, and a decontamination unit will be used at the Mankato Mayo Hospital. Anyone in the downtown Mankato area Sunday is asked to not be alarmed by the presence of National Guard troops, police officers, and fire and ambulance crews. The mock disaster drill will begin at 10am Sunday near the Cherry Street ramp in downtown Mankato.