Brown County Probation Security System 25 Sep 13

The Brown County Board approved the purchase and installation of a wireless security system for the county probation building on Tuesday. Brown County Assistant Probation Director Evonn Westcott says that they have seen an increase in violent offenders recently, and law enforcement has been called out to the probation building a total of 116 times since January 1st. She says the new $3,000 security system will be paid for with the money from probation fees, and will include a wireless “Panic Button” for probation staff. One push on the button will alert the staff within the building that someone requires assistance. Two pushes will signal law enforcement. Westcott says that there will only be 1 Panic Button initially, but the hope is to get at least 7 of them eventually at a cost of $175 each. The system is expected to be installed within 30 days. It was approved by the Brown County Board on a vote of 3-2, with Commissioners Lochner and Potter voting No.