All Star Tickets, Fun and Food! 04 Sep 13

All-Star Tickets, Fun, and Food!

Photos and Story by Gordy Jones 

Even though the Twins are nearing the end of their third losing season in a row, they have continued to draw some pretty good crowds. They are hoping to do the same next year: draw fans that is, not lose.

Because of the team’s woes on the field, the Twins have decided not to raise their ticket prices for the third straight year. That’ll help retain some season-ticket holders. The Twins have added a couple of other pretty good benefits with a season ticket purchase to help keep the fans at the yard. The “biggie” is the 2014 All-Star Game. Season-ticket holders will receive priority in purchasing All-Star summer event ticket strips. Your chance to get tickets will be based on how many seats you purchase, the type of ticket package you have, and after weighing in those factors, I’m guessing it will depend on how many other people apply who have bigger and pricier packages.

Another new benefit will be the opportunity for the season-ticket holder and a guest to enter Target Field early beforeMonday through Thursday games to watch batting practice with no additional charge. Target Field currently opens two hours before the game, and fans just miss seeing the Twins take their swings at BP.

An added feature that will make the ownership of season tickets more flexible in today’s busy world is a ticket exchange program. If you can’t attend a game, you’ll be able to turn in your ticket and choose a future game to go to in its place. All of the details haven’t been worked out yet for the exchange program, and the Twins will make an announcement when everything is finalized.  

Other than the season ticket-advantages, I asked myself: Why do people continue to flock to Target Field with single-game tickets, and better yet, why do others even buy season tickets? It’s not because of a winning team or just because of a few perks. The answer: It’s the Target Field experience. Sure, it’s a lot more fun to watch winning baseball. But just to be able to watch Major League Baseball in a beautiful urban environment is a fantastic experience. I remember watching many losing seasons at the Dome; now that was painstaking. Target Field is beautiful, comfortable, and fun. With the field being visible throughout the concourses, fans love to walk around and watch the game. They love stopping at the different taverns, stopping up and visiting with Sue Nelson the organ player, standing up and watching from the outfield while hoping for a home run ball, and trying the many different foods. There is a lot to do, and a lot of fun to be had, even when the Twins are losing. I think Twins president Dave St. Peter summed it up best when he thanked the fans the other day: “I’d like to thank our season-ticket holders and all Twins fans for their unparalleled passion and support of Minnesota Twins baseball. It’s hard to imagine there is a better fan base in all of baseball.”

There is a new food truck traversing the Twin Cities’ streets called Taste of Target Field. Last week it was parked on Marquette at 8th Street in downtown Minneapolis, serving these Target Field favorites: Kramarczuk’s sausage, nachos, Schweigert hot dogs, The Loon Café’s chili, a BBQ brisket sandwich, cheese curds, and a daily special. It is equipped with a TV on its side to broadcast any baseball that might be on at the time.

The Taste of Target Field can be booked for private parties and other events, too. The weekly schedule and other news notes are posted at the Twins’ website: