Wal-Mart Kidnapper Going To Prison 08 Aug 13

The Worthington woman who kidnapped an employee at the New Ulm Wal-Mart last year and claimed there was a bomb in the store has been sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison after violating her probation a third time. 39-year-old Elisheba Joy Swett had pleaded guilty to kidnapping and terroristic threats in Brown County Court. She admitted to confronting the Wal-Mart cashier in New Ulm in June of 2012 and forcing her from the store while claiming that she had planted a bomb in the building. The store was evacuated, but no bomb was found. Swett was sentenced to 20 years of supervised probation, but violated the terms of the probation by failing to maintain contact with authorities and failure to abstain from alcohol. She was sentenced to 21 months in prison on Tuesday.