Truman School Lightning Strike 20 Aug 13

The Truman School Board on Monday learned that a series of issues have plagued Truman Public Schools since the school building was struck by lightning earlier this month. The lightning strike took out 2 sump pumps, which led to an elevator shaft being flooded with 5 feet of water and causing $9,000 in damage. There was also floor and ceiling damage in the school due to a leak in the roof. The water damage also took down the district’s phone lines. The lines then became vulnerable to hacking while being repaired, and a total of 146 international calls were made in one day, followed by another 40 the next day. The district has since taken international calling capabilities off their phone plan. In other business Monday, the Truman School Board approved a 10-year capital projects levy that would raise $125,000 per-year to be used for deferred maintenance projects and technology-related items. The levy will need to be approved by Truman area voters on November 5th.