Sex Offender Patient Assault 13 Aug 13

A 50-year-old inmate in the state Sex Offender Treatment Program in St. Peter has been charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking a female employee at the state security hospital. Darrel Dean Prouty is currently committed to the hospital for kidnapping an 11-year-old girl and handcuffing her inside a locked school bus so he could return later to sexually assault her. The assault on the female clinician at the hospital allegedly occurred in the woman’s office at just before 8am last Wednesday. The woman reportedly told Prouty he was not allowed to be there and needed to leave, at which point he allegedly knocked her to the floor, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her behind a desk. A co-worker reportedly witnessed Prouty with the woman’s hair in his hands and his other arm around her neck. Prouty has not commented on the crime.