New Ulm Felony Car Theft Charge 31 Aug 13

A 20-year-old Andover man has been charged with felony theft in Brown County Court after allegedly stealing a car in New Ulm and driving it to the Twin Cities. Justin P. Ekberg had fled from the New Ulm Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit before allegedly stealing a 1994 Buick LeSabre from a residence about a half-mile from the hospital. Authorities say that the car had been left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. It was recovered 2 days later in Ramsey, and Ekberg apparently admitted to stealing it to visit his girlfriend in Ramsey. He claims that he had been drugged by medical center staff at the time, and reportedly apologized to the vehicle’s owner, and offered to pay for the gas used.

  • Brian Batt

    Just so happens that this stolen car belongs to me. Not the brightest thing I’ve ever done, leaving the keys in the ignition, but live and learn. What I find amusing is the last 14 words or so that read “reportedly apologized to the vehicle’s owner, and offered to pay for the gas used.” Pure rubbish. Who did he report this to? I have never spoken to this fellow and certainly haven’t received any offers from him to pay for the gas used nor the 200 plus dollars it cost to get the car out of the impound lot. Since I left the keys in the car, I was informed my chances of getting any financial reparations would be slim to none as most judges would deem it my fault. By this logic, if you walked into a bank while it was getting robbed and got shot, that, too, should be your fault? Funny how the justice system works.