New Phone Scam Reported Locally 12 Aug 13

Local area authorities have been receiving reports of a new twist on an old scam. Callers claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse are contacting local residents and informing them that they’ve won, but you have to purchase a gift card worth anywhere from $200 to $1,000 in order to claim your winnings. The scammers reportedly keep you on the line while you purchase the card, and then ask for the pin number in order to put the winnings on it. But instead they drain the money on the card. Remember that any sweepstakes in which you have to pay any sort of fee to receive your winnings is a scam, and if you don’t remember signing up for the contest, you probably didn’t. Never give out personal information such as Social Security or bank account numbers over the phone either, and remember that it’s OK to hang up on a scammer.

  • Ruth Simmons

    This one’s been around for a while already. The earliest complaint I found was lodged at on November 14, 2011 and I can’t believe there are still people who would fall for it. The scam’s just too old.