Multiple Felonies Plea Deal 06 Aug 13

A North Mankato man facing nearly 2-dozen criminal charges after numerous guns and drugs were found in his home has reached a plea deal with prosecutors. 30-year-old Michael Donald Caya was arrested earlier this year after a search of the convicted felon’s home turned up methamphetamine, prescription pills, ecstasy and marijuana, as well as numerous guns and more than 30 boxes of ammunition, all within reach of his two young children. Caya reportedly told police that he had the guns because he thought the world was going to end and he needed to protect his family from the government. He has now agreed to plead guilty to being felon in possession of a firearm, and in exchange the other 21 felony charges against him will be dismissed. Prosecutors have also reportedly agreed to take 6 months off of Caya’s presumed five-year sentence. His sentencing is set for August 20th.