Montevideo Terrorist Trial Begins 13 Aug 13

The federal weapons trial for a 24-year-old Montevideo man began in Minneapolis Monday. Buford “Bucky” Rogers was arrested in May after a man told police that Rogers wanted him to help him with attacks on law enforcement and infrastructure facilities in the Montevideo area. The man refused and went to the FBI with the information, who then raided Rogers’ home. The FBI’s Kyle Loven said at the time of the arrest that countless lives may have been at risk. Rogers was arrested after FBI agents from the domestic terrorism squad found a cache of explosives and weapons in his parents mobile home in Montevideo. He was initially charged with one count of illegally possessing a firearm, but in June he was indicted on charges of illegal weapons possession and three counts of possessing “unregistered destructive devices.” Rogers and his family are reportedly members of the anti-government group called “The Black Snake Militia.”